Oil and Gas Exploration in Africa


Equity Financings

November 16, 201660,000,000$0.25$15,000,000

Common Shares

December 31, 2015115,041,666$0.06US $5,000,000

Common Shares

March 30, 201532,486,153$0.13$4,223,200

Common Shares

June 8, 201218,750,000$0.80$15,000,000

One Common Share and one-half of a Common Share purchase Warrant. Each whole Warrant is exercisable over a period of two years at a price of $1.20 per share.

August 3, 201145,535,195$0.90$40,981,675.50

Unit consisting of one Common Share and one Common Share purchase Warrant. Each Warrant will entitle the holder to acquire one additional Common Share at an exercise price of $1.50 for the first two years. Expiry date for each Common Share purchase Warrant is September 20, 2013.