Oil and Gas Exploration in Africa

The Company

Transparency & Good Governance Policy

Africa Energy commits to working closely with governments, multilateral organizations, aid agencies, communities and the media to advocate for financial transparency and good governance to ensure the benefits of our industry are accessible to all within our countries of operation.

Africa Energy believes that natural resources are inherently a positive contribution to any country because of the opportunities they present for foreign direct investment, revenue creation, economic growth and infrastructure development. However, we recognize that many examples exist where lack of transparency, corruption, poor governance and vested interests have thwarted these efforts.

We therefore commit to support the development of:

  • International best practice (i.e. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative);
  • National legislation and regulations (i.e. fit-for-purpose energy policies and bills);
  • International legislation (i.e. US, Canadian and EU financial transparency); and
  • Efforts to better manage revenues for the long-term (i.e. sovereign wealth funds).