Oil and Gas Exploration in Africa


Share Structure

as of March 31, 2018

Share Capital Summary
Authorized Share Capital:Unlimited number of common shares without par value
Issued and Outstanding:


Outstanding Options

No. of Optioned SharesExpiry DateExercise Price (Cdn)
4,880,000March 11, 2020$0.17
1,420,000August 13, 2020$0.13
900,000February 3, 2021$0.11
5,426,666May 16, 2021$0.125
950,000June 1, 2021$0.11
2,500,000July 5, 2022$0.17
Total 16,076,666  


Assuming all of the outstanding options and warrants are exercised, the fully diluted share position of the Company is as follows:

Total Shares319,195,469 shares
Total Options & Warrants16,076,666 shares
Fully Diluted Share Position:335,272,135 shares

Shareholdings by insiders can be found on the following website:

Canada - System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders www.sedi.ca