Oil and Gas Exploration in Africa


Share Structure

November 30, 2017

Share Capital Summary
Authorized Share Capital:Unlimited number of common shares without par value
Issued and Outstanding:


Outstanding Options

No. of Optioned SharesExpiry DateExercise Price (Cdn)
4,885,000March 11, 2020$0.17
1,420,000August 13, 2020$0.13
900,000February 3, 2021$0.11
5,440,000May 16, 2021$0.125
950,000June 1, 2021$0.11
2,500,000July 5, 2022$0.17
Total 16,095,000  

Outstanding Warrants

No. of Optioned SharesExpiry DateExercise Price (Cdn)


Assuming all of the outstanding options and warrants are exercised, the fully diluted share position of the Company is as follows:

Total Shares319,177,135 shares
Total Options & Warrants16,095,000 shares
Fully Diluted Share Position:335,272,135 shares

Shareholdings by insiders can be found on the following website:

Canada - System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders www.sedi.ca