Oil and Gas Exploration in Africa

The Company

Corporate Responsibility Commitment

Africa Energy views our commitment to corporate responsibility as a strategic advantage that enables us both to access and effectively manage new business opportunities in complex environments.

Africa Energy is committed to addressing the challenge of sustainability - delivering value to our shareholders while providing economic and social benefits to impacted communities and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Our vision of Corporate Responsibility is premised upon a set of policies, which guide our relationships with shareholders, employees, partners, governments and the communities affected by our operations:

  • To create a working environment such that we cause no harm to people, and where we minimize our impact on the environment;
  • To create a safe and secure working environment for our people and assets;
  • To conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner;
  • To enter into dialogue and engagement with key stakeholders, conducted in the spirit of transparency and good faith;
  • To deliver tangible and sustainable benefits that contribute to the social and economic well being of citizens in our host countries;
  • To support the development of financial transparency and good governance mechanisms; and
  • To support and protect internationally recognized human rights.