Oil and Gas Exploration in Africa

The Company

Security Policy

Africa Energy's Security Policy assists the company in creating a secure and safe work environment for our people and assets, and assists us in promoting respect for human rights and advancing best practices with governments and other stakeholders.

Africa Energy manages security in our business in accordance with the following principles:

  • We will regularly assess security threats to our operations and manage the associated risks;
  • We will ensure that appropriate security measures are in place such that we do not expose employees and contractors to significant risk;
  • We will ensure that appropriate response plans are in place to minimize the impact of any security incident;
  • We will endeavor to ensure that security operations are conducted in compliance with national and international legal requirements and our Ethics and Human Rights policies;
  • We will endeavor to make contractors conducting activities for the Company aware of this policy and ensure they comply with it;
  • The type and number of security forces deployed shall be competent, appropriate and proportional to the threat; and
  • We will investigate and learn from security incidents.